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The use of food color is as old as the human civilization. Natural food color is now a days widely accepted in the market, as day by day all are getting aware of the synthetic colors and their bad effects on human body.
  • Ginger Oleoresin

    Oleoresin from ginger is obtained conventionally by extraction of dried powdered ginger with organic solvents like ethyl acetate, ethanol or acetone. Commercial dried ginger yields 3.5-10.0 per cent oleoresin. Ginger oleoresin is a dark brown viscous liquid responsible for the flavour and pungency of the spice. Ginger of commerce or `Adrak` is the dried underground […]

  • Processed Red Chilli Powder

    We manufacture Red Chilli Powder from high quality Red Chillies. Our Red Chilli has high purity, natural aroma & flavors, processed, sanitized, free from impurities & free from bacteria, yeast fungus. We can supply Red Chilli Powder of different color values & pungency as per the requirement of customers. Our Red Chilli Powder is rich […]

  • Turmeric Oil

    Turmeric is useful in aromatherapy for relaxing, balancing and stimulating. Its major constituents are; phellandrene 4.39, limonene 2.29, zingiberene 1.21, ar-curcumene 1.43, ar-turmerone 21.81, a-turmerone 25.33, ß-turmerone 16.74, 1,8-cineole 1.64. Turmeric can be poetentially use many ways e.g skin problems, mascular problems like aches as well also useful for reproductive system and for nervous system […]

Our Product Range

Ginger Oil

Ginger oil  are the volatile oil derived by steam distillation of ginger and oleoresin. It is obtained by percolating the powdered rhizomes of Ginger, Zingiber officinale with volatile solvents. Ginger...

Oleoresin Paprika

Paprika is manufactured from the dried and ground sweet pepper pods of Capsicum annum. The colourings that impart the characteristic yellow to orange hue of paprika are capsanthin and capsorubin....

Processed Ginger Root Powder

Ginger Powder is processed from Highest Quality Ginger(Zingiber officnale Roscoe) Ginger is processed under hygienic conditions and sanitized to remove all foreign matter and is made free from bacteria, fungus...

Processed Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder is processed from Highest Quality Garlic. Garlic is processed Under hygienic conditions and sanitized to remove all foreign matter and is made free from bacteria, fungus, after repeated...

Garlic Oleoresin

Processed Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder is commonly used in almost all curries, stews, soups, snacks, seasonings and pickles. This turmeric powder also possesses rich medicinal properties. It is also used for dyeing, coloring...


Sinduri (bixa orellana) is a highly valuable plant. It is cultivated commercially to extract the annato colour. It is also called as Sindurpushpi, sinduri, trishnapushpi, sukomala, raktabija and karchchandha in...